About the company

We decided to create the company Safety Ferry in order to mediately ensure for our future customers a programme for the sufficient protection of persons, their health and property. In cooperation with a company, in its specific premises and at its workplaces, we would like to create conditions for the contentment of every employee, to tolerate comments leading to the improvement of cooperation and to define conditions for partnership satisfaction of everyone who is interested in feeling safe.
We have an idea of cooperating with partners who wish to work safely, feel safe and provide such "comfort" to their colleagues, employees and close environment. Our partners and customers are at a certain level of occupational safety culture and hygiene and it is up to everyone to fit in the level they need.
We are offering you a manner and scope of safe protection. We are respecting your suggestions and needs but we have also prepared the terms and conditions elaborated by us - our order is available for you at the web page www.ferry.sk
We are aware that the profit is a necessary part of providing services in our company, just like in the companies of our partners. For customers it is safety and discounts even on catalogue prices, which will be provided with any volumes within the business agreements.

Every environment determines the manner of protection, working procedures and specification pf safety level. First of all, it is necessary to protect oneself and then we can provide the protection to the environment as well. When protecting the environment, we are protecting ourselves at the same time, and this should be the safe way - for everyone.

Safety Ferry - Safe transport is the road we want to take. We would like to advise you, always work safely and pay attention to the specific activity from the working procedure.

Therefore our offer is prepared for you and we wish to notify all those who find our web page to always use the protective tools for the purposes for which they were made and in the manner specified by the manufacturer.

© 2012 Michal Ilenčík - Safety Ferry Slovakia